Build Video and Auduo into your website with our WebRTC platform

RTC HUB is a cloud based WebRTC Platform.

RTC HUB PLATFORM CONNECTING Signal User initiates a call. Signaling is handled over WebSocket connections. 1 2 3 4

What is RTC HUB?

RTChub is the next biggest thing that the internet community can embed into their websites to make life easier. It allows website users to video communicate with you. This form of video chat system can bring several benefits to all types of users. For different market segments, the benefit would really be overwhelming, as the app would give them the power to open up a wealth of opportunities to serve their clients and customers, in a very innovative way. Using the network, companies can open up real-time and live video chats sessions with customers, and vice-versa, to provide their help and support.

The system provides a direct and a real-time connection from one user to another. With it, companies/executives can directly video chat with customers/clients on a real-time basis right from the browser page itself—that is, in one single click. What companies want the most is to have a direct line to the customers. In return, even the customers want a hotline with companies for customer support and help. This is one of the key elements of customer support.

In addition, no one has to install any software or plugin, as everything appears on the web page itself! The seller just has to login to the RTChub Platform. This is one of the easiest ways to get a customer on-line and it will seriously change the way customer service works in the future.