Emotionally connect with customers

According to research, 77% of users who abandon an online purchase cite the inability to speak to a representative as their primary reason for abandonment.
Now imagine the potential to harness every web site visit into a sales opportunity by enabling your potential customers to talk to you while they browse your website.
Reports indicate that businesses that provide any kind of Click-to-call functionality on their websites are able to convert such customer calls to real sales over 70% of the time.

  • Unlimited video and audio calls

    There is no limit on number of calls
  • 1 year history

    You see history, number of calls and call duration of every call
  • Notifications

    You receive both visual and sound notification about every incoming call
  • Custom styles

    Customize design using your own CSS styles
  • Agent is a person who is receiving calls. Typically it's an employee of your company, or you
  • 10€ monthly per agent

    30 days FREE trial